A Fantastic Opportunity

Are you passionate about inspiring students and teachers in all things STEAM?  Then the CreativeHUT STEAM Team might be the perfect role for you! Work around your existing job & commitments, with complete flexibility on when your available.

The CreativeHUT STEAM Team works with students and teachers to open multiple doors in the STEAM industry and help them learn key skills that they can use throughout their life. We work with multiple established brands to deliver our full CreativeHUT experience and support and guide each other through each learning curve.

Join an Amazing Team

The number 1 asset for CreativeHUT is its people.  Being part of the CreativeHUT STEAM Team means you become part of the CreativeHUT family who all share your passion of inspiring students and teachers in the world of STEAM.

Flexible Working

Being part of the CreativeHUT STEAM Team gives you complete flexibility.  You work when you want to.  Simply opt in to which training, events and experiences you want to support.  We want the role to be completely flexible around you.

CPD & Progression

Your development is just as important as our children’s. Our on going support and training will mean you constantly get to learn about the latest resources and build your own accreditation with CreativeHUT.  Delivered both online and face-to-face, you will have constant access to our CPD programmes along with supporting accreditation.

Product Testing

Your expertise of hugely important to us. Working with some of our key brand partners, you will be part of the product testing and review team of new resources.


CreativeHUT participate in lots of local and national events throughout the year.  The STEAM Team will be a key part of our events, providing fun and engaging hands on experience to the future generation of talented scientists and engineers.

Unlimited Reward

We know that expertise doesn’t come for free.  Being part of the CreativeHUT STEAM Team offers unlimited rewards.  Whether its being paid to train and support events, to generating sales from the experiences you give, our rewards and recognition scheme will generate income for you.

Work on some of the most exciting projects!

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