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SPIKE™ Essential
LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential is part of the LEGO® Learning System. It’s an exciting hands-on solution that uses playful learning experiences to engage primary school students in STEAM learning, putting them on the path to becoming resilient, independent thinkers.

LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Essential ignites primary school students’ passion for STEAM learning through playful problem solving and storytelling, preparing them to be resilient, independent thinkers. 

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Essential Set

Small Hub


  • Develop computational thinking skills, including creating and modifying sequences, testing, debugging, and using loops.
  • Explore the engineering design process, including defining a problem, brainstorming solutions, and testing and refining prototypes.
  • Investigate the scientific concepts of energy, energy transfer, and collision.
  • Strengthen oral communication skills as students discuss their experiences collaboratively.
  • Engage in narrative-based problem-solving.
  • Develop social-emotional language by helping a main story character solve a problem.

What’s in the box?

2 Small Motors
Color Sensor
3×3 Color Light Matrix
Intelligent Small Hub
449-piece selection of familiar LEGO® bricks
Sturdy storage box

LEGO® Learning System

SPIKE Essential sits within the LEGO® Learning system, a range of resources developed to future-proof your students’ skills, and make them confident life-long learners through hands-on, playful STEAM learning.
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Lesson Plans

SPIKE Essential offers 5 curriculum units for primary school students in grades 1–5. Each curriculum unit includes lesson plans and teaching resources for 7-8, 45-minute lessons (including an open project is 2 x 45 min). Additionally, each lesson includes 30+ minutes of language arts or math extensions. Therefore, each curriculum unit contains a total of 6–10 hours of educational content.
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Spike App

Now every early pupil can become a confident learner of STEAM skills with the innovative LEGO® Education SPIKE™ App.


What is the target age group?

SPIKE Essential is designed for lower and upper primary school students ages 6+. The target age group may vary between countries because country-specific curriculum needs determine where each lesson is mapped.

What is the recommended number of students per set?

As with all of the LEGO Learning System solutions, we recommend one set for every two students in a classroom setting.

Is SPIKE Essential meant to replace WeDo 2.0?

SPIKE Essential is part of the new LEGO Learning System. It targets a broader age group than WeDo 2.0, and it’s the foundation of the LEGO Education portfolio for primary schools.

How do I start using SPIKE Essential with my students?

Please visit and follow the SPIKE Essential onboarding guide for your unit grade band.