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Discover The LEGO® Foundation Six Bricks Concept

Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for learning. Through fun and short activities with sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in six bright colours, children can practice their memory, movement, creativity and more. You can adapt activities and of course make your own activities to match the children’s skills and interests.

Discover Six Bricks with Creative Hut.  Our trainer, Miriam, is currently one of only four Six Brick Lead trainers in the world and she is here to enable you to discover Six Bricks.

Only with Creative Hut will you receive a class pack of six bricks with your certification enabling you to bring the joy of six bricks to your students.

Our Trainer

Miriam O'Donoghue

We are proud to partner with Miriam O’Donoghue to bring Six Bricks to you.  Miriam is one of only five Six Bricks lead trainers in the world and we are honored to have her as a Creative Hut Trainer.

With over 40 years experience working in Education at National and International levels Miriam brings a wealth of experience to her Six Bricks workshops.  Miriam holds teacher education qualifications at pre-school, primary and post-primary levels, an M.Ed in Education, a Postgraduate Diploma in Third Level Learning & Teaching, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Educational Administration.


Our Workshops

Six Bricks

SIX BRICKS is a pedagogical approach developed by Care for Education in partnership with the LEGO® Foundation.

Six Bricks activities are short, simple exercises, many of which only take a couple of minutes to do. They are not a curriculum but they are designed to support all areas of development in the curriculum. They help to wake up a child’s brain and get them moving, thinking and remembering through playful learning.

The activities are very versatile and can be adapted and scaled up or down depending on the age and stage of the children.

Six Bricks Courses with Six Bricks Class Packs

All of our courses are delivered live, online with our Care for Education Certified Lead Trainer Miriam O’Donoghue.

FREE Taster Workshop

If you would like to find out more about SIX BRICKS why not sign up for a free online taster session with our trainer Miriam O Donoghue.

Curious about Six Bricks? Join Miriam for a free Taster Workshop

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Six Bricks Certificate Level 1&2

This is an entry level course covering SIX BRICKS levels 1 & 2. The course provides a broad based knowledge, understanding and live hands-on experience of SIX BRICKS and covers everything you need to know to feel confident to set up and start using SIX BRICKS in your classroom or with your group.

Six Brick’s Class Pack + Training + Course kit

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Six Bricks Practice Labs w/ Six Bricks Class Pack

Practice Labs are short one hour online spaces for participants who have already completed certificate levels 1 and 2 and who would like to gain more confidence and further practice in using the Moving Around and Crossing the B Line Mats.

Six Brick’s Class Pack + Training 


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Six Bricks

SIX BRICKS Whole School / Whole Centre Approach

If you are planning a whole school or whole centre approach to SIX BRICKS we offer a  combined package of online live training and classroom sets of bricks so that all of your staff can undertake Level 1 and Level 2 Certificate training together at a time to suit your needs.

This is a very cost effective approach if you have 10+ staff.  Contact us if you would like to discuss this further.

About the Creative Hut Six Bricks Academy

Six Bricks is a hands-on tool for learning developed by Care for Education in partnership with the LEGO® Foundation.

Through fun, short activities using sets of LEGO® DUPLO® bricks in SIX bright colours, children can practice their memory, movement, creativity and more. The more than 500 SIX BRICKS activities can be easily adapted and of course you can design your own activities to cater for the specific needs, skills and interests of the children you work with.

Our trainer, Miriam O Donoghue, is a leading Education Consultant and is currently one of only four Six Bricks Certified Lead trainers in the world who is endorsed & recognised by Care for Education.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our SIX BRICKS Courses are live, hands-on and interactive and are designed to support participants to discover SIX BRICKS in a friendly and helpful environment.

As well as expert training with Miriam, Creative Hut will send you a training kit and electronic resources, manuals etc. before your course commences so that you can participate fully in the activities during the course. We want to ensure that you have a great toolkit to draw on when you have completed your course and are implementing SIX BRICKS in the classroom or with your group.

A unique feature of SIX BRICKS Courses with Creative Hut is that on completion of your Course you will receive a class pack of LEGO® Education SIX BRICKS. This means that you will be ready to start introducing SIX BRICKS immediately and won’t have to worry about trying to source the LEGO® DUPLO® bricks.

On completion of your course you will receive SIX BRICKS Certification signed by Miriam O Donoghue, your trainer. The Certification levels used on the Certificates are aligned to those adopted by Care for Education.