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Get 4 FREE Robo Wundekind Education Kits for your school!

In partnership with Robo Wunderkind, CreativeHUT are excited to announce that we are looking for 5 UK Primary Schools to try Robo Wunderkind with your pupils for free!

Successful applicants will receive 4 x Robo Wunderkind Education Kits to use between October and the end of the school year.  A brilliant resource to help you deliver Computing & STEAM as a whole, with lots of cross-curricular value into Literacy, maths and much more!

To apply, please complete the form below

If you have any questions email or call 0800 779 7242  


4 x Education Kits will enable you to work with 8-10 pupils at any one time


Each participating school will be provided with Free Online Training sessions from Robo Wunderkind Trainers

Lesson Plans & Project

5 individual lesson plans will be provided, culminating in one Large Open-Ended Project towards the end of the year

Share your experiences

You will be asked to document your experience via School Twitter Posts and short Video Diaries

A chance
to win

At the End of the Trial one winning school will be able to keep the kits forever

Yours For A Full School Year

Successful applicants will be able to keep their kit from October till the end of the school year

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