Meet our Trainers

CreativeHUT’s team of trainers are all passionate about delivering fantastic experiences to both teachers and pupils, they will liaise with you directly to ensure your bespoke session meets your individual requirements for you and your school.

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Meet our Trainers

CreativeHUT’s team of trainers are all passionate about delivering fantastic experiences to both teachers and pupils, they will liaise with you directly to ensure your bespoke session meets your individual requirements for you and your school.

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Neil Taylor


Neil has been delivering education sessions to teachers and pupils across the UK for over 10 years, helping Primary and Secondary schools to identify and implement the best solutions for them to help raise standards across the STEAM curriculum areas. Based in the North West of England, Neil is the Director of Creative Consultants and a Trainer at CreativeHUT.

Neil has a passion for allowing pupils to get creative in the classroom, and strongly believes in the power of hands-on learning to engage and inspire pupils, and help instil a passion for everything STEAM related that will last right the way through education and into future careers.

A LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainer since 2014, Neil has valuable experience of working with the whole range of LEGO® Education resources and provides engaging and impactful training tailored to the requirements of the school.

Neil Taylor creative hut trainer

Ross Maguire


Since 2009, Ross has delivered educational workshops and events to children and teachers throughout Ireland.  His mission to ‘Inspire the Creators of Tomorrow’ has led Ross to engage over 100,000 young people in this time, giving Ross has a wealth of experience in the use of and delivery of education resources in a host of environments.  From classroom settings to youth groups, extracurricular and more.  A LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainer since 2012, Ross has been at the forefront of LEGO® Education in Ireland for over a decade.

Ross also lectures in the use of LEGO® Education materials at Irelands largest Institute of Education, working closely with 2nd, 3rd and 4th-year pre-service teachers.  Ross is also responsible for the establishment of the DCU IOE LEGO® Education Innovation Studio and is also the operational partner for the IET FIRST LEGO® League in Ireland.

Michael Lyon


Michael has a strong interest in how Technology is used to in the real world to help us in our everyday life, always seeking out new ways in which it can be used, and wants to pass on that knowledge to the teachers and pupils that he works with!

Michael also has a background as a disability support worker, developing a love for being involved in Special Education.  As one of our first Creative Consultants to join the team, Michael always brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to each and every STEAM session he delivers.

steve guinness creative hut

Steve Guinness


Steve has over 18 years experience as a Design and Technology Teacher and Head of Department.  He has a passion for education, and principally creativity! He won the Channel 4 LEGO® Masters competition in 2017, and ever since has been perusing his LEGO® interests in many different ways. He now runs his own business as “The Brick Consultant” designing and making bespoke commissioned LEGO® models and running interactive LEGO® workshops for Museums.

He has prestigious experience of LEGO® Education products from his own time as a teacher and, in 2019, went on the LEGO® Education Academy Certified Training programme. He is based in the North West and provides hands on training at CreativeHut which enables teachers to see the value and great potential of LEGO® Education products to engage, teach and inspire pupils.

Niamh Gregory


With a background in Early Years Education and STEM Niamh shares our vision to inspire the youth of today. Since 2014 Niamh has used her wealth of experience in the development and delivery of STEM workshops across Ireland. Niamh is passionate about getting more girls involved in STEM and closing opportunity gaps, increasing their skills and equipping girls with tools to foster a more equitable learning environment that promotes innovation skills, communication, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.
Niamh assists with the day to day running of our operations and offers expert advice to teachers looking to engage their students in STEM.
Additionally, Niamh is the coordinator for the IET FIRST LEGO® League Discover and Explore programmes in Ireland.

Theresa Amann


Theresa has over 8 years of experience in the creative education industry and has obtained a degree in Primary School teaching, and a masters degree in Creative Practices in Education. For many years Theresa has been working with students, 300 strong, on summer projects to help implement the importance of STEAM.

She has also worked for LEGO® Education, Chester, and has an exceptional knowledge of the resources they produce – which massively enhances her ability to deliver our valued training services.
Theresa is bilingual and spent many years as a translator with fluency in both German and English language. She has also spent the last 3 years as a visiting lecturer, at Chester University, on a MA program for Creative Education.

Nicola Klieser


Nicola takes great pride in being up to date on all the latest educational technology and uses this knowledge to help match teachers with the best products for their requirements. With over 17 years experience as a STEM teacher, she is uniquely placed to deliver workshops to enable teachers to become experienced and confident with the solutions. Based in the North West of England, Nicola is a Creative Consultant at CreativeHUT.

A LEGO® Education Academy Certified Trainer since 2019 and a STEM Learning Associate Facilitator since 2018, Nicola aspires to see technology implemented into the classroom in an exciting way to help maximise student outcomes.

Nicola Kleiser CreativeHUT