Makeblock STEAM On Board

An easy and fun way to learn coding online

In partnership with Makeblock, CreativeHUT are excited to present STEAM On Board, an online training programme developed to help educators open the door to STEAM and Computing. You can complete our online tutorials in your own time and submit your projects to us for accreditation . To find out how to join in please submit your details below.


No experience required

The makeblock mBlock curriculum is easy for beginners to learn.

Anywhere, anytime

Learn online without the need for hardware.

Free To Download

Download mBlock software here


All recordings from our online STEAM On Board webinar series.

Tutorial 1 – Get to know mBlock

An intro to the course, showing you how to sign up and get involved. Including a guided tour of  the mBlock Coding Platform.

Tutorial 2 – Panda’s Greeting

Learn how to use simple event blocks within mBlock and program Panda to introduce himself. 

Tutorial 3 – Talented Transformations

Use commands to to change the appearance of Panda. Make him bigger, smaller and add special effects.

Tutorial 4 – Walk In Place

Time to teach Panda how to walk. Learn about animation and how to animate a sprite using costumes.

Tutorial 5 – Panda’s


Panda is going to enter a race. Lean how to move sprites across the screen and how to make him run.

Tutorial 6 – Penalty


Learn how to get sprites to interact with each other to make a penalty kick football game.

Tutorial 7 – A Parrot’s Travel

Make use of ‘If…Then’ and ‘Conditional’ Programming Blocks to create an animation of a Parrot’s Travel to different places

Tutorial 8 – A Running Bug

Expand on the use of ‘If…Then’ and ‘Conditional’ Blocks together with Directional and Stop Script blocks to program a game involving a Moth and a Bat!

Tutorial 9 – Where’s the Panda?

Understand and utilise ‘Broadcasting’ and ‘Receiving’ messages between sprites within your programs.  Use multiple sprites to create a game of chance.

Tutorial 10 – Fruits

War 1

Time to teach Panda how to walk. Learn about animation and how to animate a sprite using costumes.

Tutorial 11 – Fruits

War 2

Expand your ‘Fruits War’ game through the use of variables – display, set and change the value of variables to bring your game to life and help the Monkey to score points by collecting fruit!

Tutorial 12 -Guess Numbers

Use Sensor blocks to ask questions and store data, and expand your knowledge on the use of randomisation and comparison operator blocks, to create a number guessing game with Panda!