Try LEGO® Education SPIKE™ Prime for FREE

In partnership with LEGO® Education, CreativeHUT are excited to announce that we are looking for 150 schools to trial LEGO Education Spike PRIME for free!

For a limited time only, UK schools and educational establishments will be able to try out a new official LEGO® SpikePRIME kit with their students.

Those who qualify will be given the kit for 2 weeks on a trial basis, before either keeping the kit with a discount of 10% or handing it on to another educator to use in their classroom.*

To qualify, we are requesting that all applicants fill out the online form below. Successful applicants will then receive the SpikePRIME set on behalf of their school, as well as access to FREE online training with support from our LEGO Education Academy Trainers.

*This can be both colleagues and  educators from other schools/establishments.  

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Kit trial

You will receive 1 x SPIKE™ Core Set worth £296 Excluding VAT. LEGO number 45678.


Webinars and online training to be provided by CreativeHUT’s LEGO Education Academy Certified Trainers.

Or Keep
The Kit

You will receive 10% discount on the RRP of a class set of SPIKE Prime Core Sets, with a minimum order of 8 Sets.

Yours For
2 Weeks

Give your students the opportunity to get hands on with SpikePRIME for 2 weeks.

It On

You can pass the kit on to other educators. As long as they consent to being contacted by CreativeHUT.

A New
School Year

An interactive and engaging educational experience for you and your students to look forward to this new school year.

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