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Creative and playful, KUBO is the educational and hands-on way for kids between 4-10 to learn coding and computational thinking.



Blended Learning

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KUBO is suitable for Primary School students of all levels of skill and ability, regardless of their starting point. Using KUBO's unique tag-tile programming language, students simply slot together puzzle pieces in order to create sequences of code.

KUBO loves storytelling, which makes it easy for children to create new universes and for teachers to make cross-curricular exercises.

Encouraging collaboration, critical thinking, and communication, KUBO empowers students by preparing them for the future!

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A Hands-On Solution

Students are taught how to code through KUBO’s TagTile method, the only puzzle-like coding concept in the world! Just snap together the tiles and voilà; your students have created a code sequence!

A Digital Solution

An online portal available for children to use at home or at school, KUBO Play consists of more than 100 tasks covering numerous coding related curriculum requirements for Primary level students which kids can work through at their own pace.

Blended Learning

Combining the digital and hands-on KUBO solutions increases learning outcomes by utilising the personalised learning space of the digital platform alongside the tactile hands-on solution.