Using Robots to Empower the Next Generation of Innovators

iRobot™ Education brings together all of iRobot’s educational robots, resources and programming to provide educators, students and communities with a repository of tools to support 21st-century learning.

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iRobot® Coding platform included

Pair your classroom’s Root® robots with the iRobot® Coding platform using Bluetooth® technology to watch projects come to life. Get coding now at

Connect classroom learning with the real world

Use interactive experiences with the Root®rt1 coding robot to increase student engagement and relate classroom learning to the real world.

Seamlessly switch code across Learning Levels
An auto-level converter instantly translates code across each Learning Level, making the Root® rt1 a great tool for differentiated learning opportunities.
Hours of free and premium learning content
A learning library offers hours of free activities to encourage student learning. Premium content modeled after educational standards is also available on a subscription basis.
Form cross-curricular connections
From STEM subjects to History, English, Maths and beyond, use the Root® rt1 to combine the content and skills from multiple subjects into a single interactive learning experience.
Bring learning into the home
Students can access iRobot®Coding at home to practice their coding skills with virtual SimBots before returning to the classroom and sharing their discoveries.
Make the robot do more
Use the magnetic attachment points, marker holder, or charging port on the Root® rt1 to attach accessories or your own 3D printed creations.

Root® rt1 Coding Robot -
Using Robots to Empower Learning.

Take learning code to the next level

At iRobot®, we believe in a world where anyone can code. The Root® Coding robot is an educational robot that engages learners with innovation and creativity through hands-on, accessible learning for all.
Bringing code to life through art, music and hands-on activities, the Root®rt1 coding robot delivers a revolutionary coding experience suitable for any expertise, from pre-readers to advanced coders. The free Root® Coding App is packed with lessons, projects, and activities designed to progressively challenge coders of any experience level.

Not just your average coding robot

The Root® rt1 coding robot’s combination of features and sensors appeal to students of all interests.

Children can code Root® to draw artwork, scan colours, play music, respond to touch, light, and sound, and climb whiteboard walls, all while exploring the fundamentals of robotics. Students and Teachers can use the Root® to combine the content and skills from multiple interdisciplinary subjects into one learning experience.

3 Learning Levels

Propel learning forwards with additional, standards-aligned premium content that is available with a subscription to Root® Academy.
Easy for beginners, but still challenging enough to keep experienced coders engaged. Students begin with Graphical coding at Level 1, where graphical blocks teach the essential coding logic skills. Next, at Level 2, students advance to hybrid coding, where hybrid drag and drop language builds computational fluency. Finally at Level 3, students will learn the structure and syntax of professional, full text coding languages in Swift- Python and JavaScript coming soon!

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