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At CreativeHUT we understand how important it is for educators to have confidence in resources before investing your budget and introducing them into lessons. Therefore we are providing a hands-on trial across some key ranges on a sale or return basis*

To ensure that you are able to access the resources accurately and efficiently we are also arranging a series of online webinars developed to assess how resources will allow you to meet your STEAM goals and how to introduce them to your students

*Terms and conditions vary per resource, see below for details

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How It Works

Free Training

Webinars will be provided by CreativeHUT trainers, once you sign up to test a resource all training materials will be made available to you.

Discounts Available

You will receive a discount should you decide to purchase 8 or more sets after the trial has completed

Pass It On

After your trial you can pass sets on to a colleague or educators from other schools. Providing they agree to being contacted.

1. Fill out the sign up form
2. We will arrange delivery
3. Receive Training Materials
4. Purchase or return

Resources Available for Free Trial

LEGO® Education

SPIKE™ Prime


mTiny, Codey Rocky & mBot


Coding Solution



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