Delivered in the UK & Ireland by the IET, FIRST® LEGO® League Discover is a global STEM programme for 4-6yr olds which helps develop STEM skills from an early age. Children explore a real-world theme and learn through play.

Delivered as a in-school classtime project, FIRST® LEGO® League Discover runs over 10 sessions with a comprehensive teachers workbook to guide you on your journey. Your children will discover STEM, real world issues, Core Values and much more all while playing with LEGO!

Ignite your children’s interest in STEM with FIRST  LEGO League Discover

FIRST LEGO League Discover is all about learning through play.  Through the use of LEGO materials children will discover real world issues, STEM, life skills, habits of learning and so much more.

Throughout FIRST® LEGO® League Discover children apply basic engineering principles to their models such as Gearing & Pulleys and discover physics such as forces and motion, friction and much more.

Throughout their experience, children operate under the FIRST® LEGO® League Core Values, celebrating discovery and teamwork, all while having fun!

Children get the chance to showcase their learning journey at the end of the programme with a Celebration Event, which involves building, a special challenge and talking about what they have learnt with parents and other adults.


Discover Class Pack Includes:

Fantastic IET Resources:  Included with your discover class pack is access to the fantastic range of IET resources with session videos, six brick videos, curriculum links and much more.

Team Meeting Guide:  This printed comprehensive guide provides facilitators with guidance and lesson plans on how to run 10 sessions and prepare for a culminating celebration. It includes student outcomes, tips, guiding questions, sharing guidance, and clean up pointers. >View Sample

Engineering Notebooks:These printed student workbooks provide open spaces to write and draw ideas to the provided prompts. One page of the notebook is filled in during two sessions and children can use their engineering notebooks at their final event to share what they created. >View Sample

CARGOCONNECT Discover Sets: These sets include an exclusive set of LEGO® DUPLO® elements students will use as a starting point to explore how STEM relates to their world as they create an obstacle course.

Discover More Parent Engagement Sets: LEGO Six Bricks take-home sets for each student to extend and reinforce their habits of learning at home.

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FIRST LEGO League Discover Class Pack Bundles:

Perfect for getting started:  Are you new to FIRST LEGO League Discover?  Our Class Pack Bundles include everything you need to get started.  Each bundle includes LEGO Education STEAM Park kits and the Discover Class packs along with the fantastic range of resources from the IET.

Training:  As part of your bundle you’ll also receive access to our fantastic introduction to STEAM Park from our certified LEGO Education Academy Trainers.  With lots of tips and tricks to get you up and running in no time and ready to engage with FIRST LEGO League Discover.

Support:  We’re here to help you on your journey.  Should you need any assistance along the way a member of the Creative Hut team is only an email or phone call away.

Sized to suit you: We have bundles to suit a range of class sizes with bundles available for 16, 24 & 32 children.

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FIRST LEGO League is delivered throughout the UK & Ireland by the IET.

The IET Education supports teachers by providing a range of STEM resources linked to the UK curriculum and partnering with organisations to create experiences that inspire teachers and students alike.

To discover more about the range of IET FIRST LEGO League programmes, register for an event in your area or view their wide range of resources be sure to visit their website.

Within the Republic of Ireland the IET have partnered with Learnit who deliver the IET FIRST LEGO League programmes throughout the country and provide a range of STEM resources linked to the Irish curriculum.