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Creativity exists beyond the arts. It’s a set of beliefs, attitudes and abilities that manifest in all subjects, all classes and in the minds of all children…. if we allow it to. The passion for creativity, driven by passionate teachers, parents and children is greater than ever and amazing things are happening in the classroom every day.

We offer a wide variety of resources, training and services with a focus on reaching as many Nurseries, Primary and Secondary schools. Embracing and engaging with a close network of talented educationalists, we focus on providing a unique experience for our customers and ensure teachers and parents feel supported every step of the way. Only working with leading resource providers, we ensure that only the best resources and services are being used in the classroom and at home


Our Approach

CreativeHUT are a STEAM Education resource and service provider, catering for learning from EYFS through to FE/HE. Our mission is to help children and adults become passionate about STEAM education, by giving them the opportunity to get hands on and creative, with fun and engaging resources which will allow them to develop 21st Century Learning Skills and build Confidence in STEAM Learning. Our aim is to help you to identify and implement the best resources to suit your own needs, through consultancy, training, and ongoing support.  We will be there for you every step of the way to ensure that resources are used to their full potential in enhancing the education of your pupils

All of CreativeHUT’s resource range partners have been carefully selected by our team of industry experts and past & present teachers, ensuring that we only work with resources that will have a truly positive impact on pupils’ education. These resources will help you in building pupils 21st Century Learning Skills that will be needed to help prepare them for future careers (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration, Communication), at the same time as helping you to meet your curriculum needs in the areas of Computing, Design & Technology, Science, Art, Maths & much more!


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