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BETT 2022: Introducing Makeblock Education

We look at one of our brand partners Makeblock Education ahead of the Bett Show, on the 23rd-25th March.

Speaking with Managing Director at Makeblock Education, Yu Hu.

Who are Makeblock Education about & What do you cover?

At Makeblock Education we are dedicated to our mission of empowering teachers with a continuum of solutions that help to make Computer Science and STEAM education engaging and accessible to all. The continuum of solutions means that our products are interconnected, creating an extended path of learning that supports teachers in taking their students from their very first steps into the world of STEAM all the way to becoming expert creators of their own ideas. Our portfolio covers from early years with mTiny all the way to key stage 4 with mBot2 and beyond, and from programmable electronics and robotics to digital fabrication tools. In addition to our software and hardware, our kits are rounded off with activities and lessons to support the learning experience.

Why do students and educators love using Makeblock Education resources?

Learning with Makeblock Education means that students participate in an engaging, hands-on experience that can be associated with real-world scenarios. In the words of Anna Mancuso, educator, consultant, and teacher trainer in the STEAM & Digital education fields: “I love the Makeblock Education world because it offers a complete universe you can easily use to learn and improve computational thinking and creativity. What I appreciate the most is the versatility of the products they provide: from robots and electronic boards to the programming platform there are plenty of interesting features or extensions that you can use for a broader reality-based approach than any other solution I tried out.”

How do Makeblock resources stand up to the test of the modern-day classroom environment?

With our flexible and broad offering, Makeblock Education is the only provider that can quickly help a school build an innovative learning environment. We have created the Makeblock Education Innovation Space (MIS) concept, a school hub facilitating innovative learning where teachers and students can teach, learn, and more importantly, apply 21st-century skills. With an MIS, a school can rely on the solution from one supplier to bring their learning space to life, to facilitate creativity, hands-on and project-based activities.

How closely aligned are Makeblock Education resources to the UK curriculum?

The lessons and activities provided with our kits contribute not only to the learning goals in the Computing, Design & Technology areas of the UK National Curriculum, from key stage 1 to 4, but also to develop skills related to the learning process itself, and life and career skills that are necessary for students to step into the professional world.

The way in which our educational resources contribute to these goals has been recognized to the highest degree by the Education Alliance Finland, a distinguished organization in the field that uses the UK National Curriculum as one of its main references for educational quality.

Tell us what you love about working with Makeblock Education?

Being part of the Makeblock Education team brings a lot of satisfaction to observe the transformation of education, when you see both students and teachers getting so engaged and excited about getting to know, and learning to use, modern technologies with our solutions. 

It also gives you the opportunity to interact with education experts from all over the world, to understand the similarities and differences of the educational practices in different places. This exchange of experiences and ideas is very rewarding as it sheds light on new opportunities, and it builds valuable, long-lasting relationships.

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We are delighted to have Makeblock Education join us at BETT 2022 on our stand SH41. If you are interested you can book a meeting slot via our BETT page here!

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