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FIRST® LEGO® League England & Wales Final


The 2022 FIRST® LEGO® League England & Wales final took place in Harrogate. FLL is a robotics competition that guides young people through STEM learning and exploration at an early age. Robotics competitions allow schools to enable 21st century learning skills, open them and their students up to new experiences and help them understand how this can aid them in great future careers and have a whole load of fun whilst doing so.

Not only are they demonstrating important engineering skills surrounding building and coding, but also using teamwork, problem solving, creativity and a vast amount of skills that will be critical in their futures.

FIRST® LEGO® League UK Final

On Saturday, February 26th, the FIRST® LEGO® League England & Wales final took place. Approximately 64 teams took part in the competition from all around the country, competing for the overall award in hopes of being the champion team that earns a place in the global final in the USA.

The utilisation of robotics, creative education & 21st century skills were all showcased and the students did an amazing job. It was a truly wonderful event with a quite surreal atmosphere. The excitement could be felt throughout the whole day & echoes through into what will be wonderful futures for all the children that took part.

We are so proud here at CreativeHUT to be a supporter of the FIRST® LEGO® League Competition and would encourage & love to help more schools get involved. This feeling is shared amongst others involved with FLL also, the IET are a partner of FLL UK and we could to speak with Olivia Oakley from the IET on her involvement & excitement surrounding the FIRST® LEGO® League.

An Interview with Olivia Oakley, the Discover Coordinator at the IET.

Watch our interview with Olivia or alternatively read the transcript below:

How is the day going so far?

It’s going really well, it’s great to be able to see it in person once again after (last year’s FLL) being virtual.

What is your role at the IET?

I work in the FIRST® LEGO® League Team, I’m the discover Coordinator, working mainly within the 4-6 age bracket, but also things like this covering the 9-16 bracket.

Why do you enjoy FIRST® LEGO® League?

I LOVE FIRST® LEGO® League, I love my job, it’s so good, all the kids come up with different ideas all the time, it’s so fun. The kids love it, I love it, it’s so good!

What goes into making all this possible?

A LOT of emails and teamwork, me and my team of 5 all work very hard together, liaise with the hosts, a lot of planning and a little stress sometimes but it’s all really good!

What happens next, following the FLL UK Final?

They have the chance to go onto the Internationals. There’s one in the USA & Mexico. They can go on to compete internationally & at world festivals which is really cool.

Chatting with FLL Team Terrific 10 

What have you been up to so far today?

We’ve done our first robot-run, it went quite well, we got tenth scoring 315 points. We’ve taken some photos.

With the Innovation Project & Two Runs Still to come, what are you most looking forward to?

Cheering on the programmers, to be honest and showing our innovation project to the judges.

Are you excited & do you think you will do well?


FLL & Robotics Competitions as a whole, have real benefits to students and schools. Getting a early start on the development and utilisation of these key 21st century skills is something very important and being involved in these very special events is something we are truly passionate about. We would love to get more schools and students involved. If you are interested in getting involved then don’t hesitate, get in touch now and let’s find a path perfect for you.

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We love supporting FIRST® LEGO® League. If you are interested you can book a meeting or have us contact you via our Website Here!

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