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STEAM Workshop with the Ormiston Students

How our STEAM Workshop helped Ormiston Students to develop their 21st Century Skills.


Event: Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy

Experiences: STEAM Workshop with CreativeHUT

Age Groups: 12-15

At all of our STEAM Workshops here at CreativeHUT, we get to see first hand the benefit and development of key skills, and this was no exception.

The session was ran by some of our wonderful team, Neil Taylor, Mikey Lyon & David Hughes.

The year 7 & 8 students were given the chance to take part in the workshop using LEGO SPIKE Prime, Makeblock mBot2 & BOLT by Sphero. Tasked with building & coding activities designed to utilise 21st century skills, the students worked through the hour long sessions in groups to meet the goals of the session.

Ourselves & the teachers at the Academy were pleased to see just how successful the day went, how all the students not only had fun but really got stuck in, each student went about the tasks in their own unique way, showcasing just where their strengths lie. Using problem solving, critical thinking and collaboration skills they overcome all the obstacles they faced along the way.

“An incredibly active, informative and engaging day that brought out the best in our students”

Mr Ingham – STEM Leader

After a lot of feedback from the pupils, they are excited to be given the chance to work on their STEAM skills again with these wonderful hands-on resources, one pupil said

“I loved being able to creatively code and solve problems as they came up”

We managed to sit down for a little Q&A with Mr Ingman to gain some feedback from the day and a look at the impact STEAM can have within the classroom.

Did this event increase student and teacher interest in STEAM?

Students were amazed at how engaging the activities were and left with ideas linked to careers and option choices.

What STEAM Impact did the event have on students, teachers, and the wider school?

The event provided an excellent opportunity to promote STEM and everything creative arts. It gave students an insight into enrichment activities and equipment that they do not have the opportunity to use within the conventional curriculum. Students were excited for the day and left absolutely buzzing with their achievements. Visiting staff from other subject areas were blown away at students’ engagement and interest in the various STM activities and loved seeing students demonstrating a range of the school’s core values such as challenge, resilience and kindness towards their peers.

What learning value would you place on this Edutainment event?

I feel that the activities our students took part in allowed them to make really strong connections to subjects that they have not previously seen as joined up in any way. The Spheros, Spike and MBot activities provided students a really unique opportunity to carry out engineering design challenges, creative code and programming activities whilst at the same time problem solving as part of a team.

How much organisation was needed from you and the school?

The team at CreativeHut were excellent in meeting our team prior to the event and giving ideas on how the activities could be planned within our school day and existing logistics. In terms of organisation required from us as a host re-rooming some existing classes to ensure all STEAM activities were in one central hub was required, information went out to students through an assembly and followed up through reminders with their form tutors. Minimal organisation for the overall impact of the project- easily worth the time needed to plan.

Did this event increase student and teacher interest in STEAM?

Students were amazed at how engaging the activities were and left with ideas linked to careers and option choices.

Would you have CreativeHUT back for an event and why?

ABSOLUTLEY! the team from CreativeHut were passionate, knowledgeable, personable and engaging. They worked with students from a variety of year groups and of varying abilities and adapted their sessions to suit the students within each lesson. The activities were well planned giving suitable time to share knowledge and experience and in turn allow students to explore and complete practical tasks with evaluations and reviews completed prior to the end of sessions to review progress.

the team from CreativeHUT were passionate, knowledgeable, personable and engaging.

Mr Ingham – STEM Leader

Ormiston Sir Stanley Matthews Academy Students engaging in activities with Makeblock mBot2.

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It was such a memorable day and we can’t wait to go back and do it all again next time! If you are interested in the STEAM Workshops, please head to our website and get in touch today!

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